Our Team

Armstrong Dental Practice are very proud of the long serving dedicated team that  have been helping patients for many years.

On reception and in the surgery June Vennard, and  Kathleen Wethers have more than thirty years of service, whilst Corrina Hampton, and Hazel Hutchinson have more than ten years with the practice.

Rhianon Upton, Olivia McLaughlin  and Josephine McEvoy are more recent arrivals to the team but are already an integral part of the support team.

Behind the scenes Mrs Blair keeps the practice environment looking its best.

All the surgery staff are fully registered with the General Dental Council (GDC)

The GDC requires registrants to adhere to Nine Principles

1       Put patients interests first

2       Communicate effectively with patients

3       Obtain valid consent

4       Maintain and protect patients’ information

5       Have a clear and effective complaints policy

6       Work with colleagues in a way that is the patients ‘best interests

7       Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills

8       Raise concerns if patients are at risk

9       Make sure your personal behaviour maintains patients’ confidence in you and the dental profession

The registered dental professional in Armstrong Dental Practice are;

  • William Neale Armstrong               Reg No 57723
  • Alan Stuart Armstrong                    Reg No62846
  • Linda Jayne Spence                         Reg No79605
  • Sarah Spence                                      Reg No257949
  • Kathleen Wethers                             Reg No113925
  • Corrina Hampton                             Reg No113314
  • Hazel Hutchinson                             Reg No134984
  • Rhianon Clayton                               Reg No161515
  • Olivia McLaughlin                            Reg No218140
  • Josephine McEvoy                          Reg No 259993

General Dental Council Website

Armstrong Dental practice is regulated by RQIA , details of our practice inspections and those of any other practice in N Ireland are available on the RQIA Website.