Dental treatments

 Armstrong Dental Practice is pleased to offer a wide range of preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services.

Patients who have a Health and Care number  or a CHI/ MPI number can choose to have some or all of their treatment on the NHS, however the NHS system is very complex and treatments that patient may want and that they would benefit from are no longer available on the NHS.

Treatment like tooth whitening, white fillings for back teeth, sports mouthguards, adhesive crowns, onlays, ultra thin flexible dentures and implants are modern techniques that are only available as private treatments.

Certain orthodontic treatments, metal dentures and bridges are only available via a process called prior approval or privately.

NHS treatment, charges for NHS treatment are set nationally and will be the same in every practice offering NHS care. Below are the most frequently provided NHS items

  • Check ups and scaling at 6 monthly intervals
  • Radiographs
  • Metal fillings in back teeth
  • White fillings in front teeth
  • Root treatments
  • Plastic dentures
  • Metal crowns on back teeth
  • White bonded crowns on front teeth

A written estimate of costs will be provided once an examination is completed and a treatment plan is agreed.

Private treatment for costs please refer to the price list below.

Why choose Private treatment?

All our Private Crowns, Veneers, adhesive ceramics and Sports Mouthguards are produced in the UK by technicians registered with the GDC.

Your treatment can be provided more promptly and you will have more choice of materials and techniques which may have significant benefits for your teeth long term.

 White fillings look much more natural than dental amalgam. Some of the techniques used will preserve more of your tooth and that is better for the long health of the tooth

Tooth whitening is a very successful cost effective non invasive way for improving the colour of the front teeth without any damage to the tooth enamel.

Mouthguards A close fitting custom made mouthguard is much easier to wear and will provide greater protection than preformed and self-moulded guard.

Flexible dentures a very thin new type of denture with a high resistance to fracture and can also reduce the area of the roof of the mouth that is covered by the denture. These dentures tend to be smaller than conventional dentures.

A written estimate of costs will be provided once an examination is completed and a treatment plan is agreed.

Private Dental Fees

Examination New patient    £60 incl. X-rays,
6 monthly        £35
X-rays £6
Scaling from £29
Prolonged gum treatment £140 per hour
Amalgam fillings from £54
White fillings from Front teeth £64
Back teeth £75
Root treatment from £158
Extractions £63 initial simple single extraction, plus
£25 per tooth for further simple extractions on the same visit
£105 difficult extractions
Crowns from £47 provisional crown
£330 porcelain crown
£330 bonded crown
£370 gold crown
£310 Dentine bonded crown
Veneers £310
 Maryland bridge from £425
 Conventional bridge from £360 per unit
 Dentures  Full/Full £420
Full upper or lower £298
Partial 1-4 £195
5-8 £230
9+ £298
Chrome partial £405
Flexible Denture £380
Reline/soft lining £48
Addition of tooth £53
 Facial Aesthetics Assessment appointment, refundable against treatment if injectables provided £30
  “Anti-wrinkle injections”  1 area £155
  “Anti-wrinkle injections ” 2 areas £205
  “Anti-wrinkle injections” 3 areas £250
  Dermal Fillers 1ml £295
  Dermal Fillers 0.5ml £180
Bleaching £152 per arch incl. Gumshield & 4 syringes
£9.50 for each additional syringe
Snoring  appliance £247
Gum Shield coloured £55
clear £50

You can view impartial descriptions of treatment options via the British Dental Health website below –

British Dental Health